Jennifer Cloer – Bringing Struggles to Life Through the Power of Story

Jennifer Cloer is the CEO & co-founder reTHINKit Media and Executive Producer of The Chasing Grace Project, which is one of the most powerful documentary series showcasing the challenges of women in tech.

Early in her life, Jennifer discovered the power of storytelling to bring struggles to life. She spent the first part of her career working in the agency world supporting many of the world’s top venture-capital backed open source companies, and she also helped Google launch their first Google I/O developer conference. She then joined the Linux Foundation where she led their content and communications initiatives.

But Jennifer had a burning desire to build her own firm to work on projects that mattered deeply to her. And when she learned there were fewer women in tech today than thirty years ago, she was shocked, scared, and angry. As she says, “There’s never been a more important time to have everyone at the table – women and all minorities from every corner of the world – contributing to technology because of trends like AI and ML. We all need to be informing these systems or we risk living in an even less inclusive world.”

In this episode, Jennifer shares how The Chasing Grace Project came together and the challenges women in tech from all over the world are facing. She also discusses how organizations can participate in screenings of this important documentary to help raise awareness and create even greater impact.

This is the story of an amazing person’s drive to make a difference in so many lives.