The idea came to me completely out of the blue. I was sitting on the patio of the townhouse I was renting early in my Unisys career.

All of a sudden, I had an idea for a new supercomputer that would blow away anything that had ever been invented or built before. I was overcome with the most acute sense of certainty that it would work and be a big success for the company.

But before the project even got off the ground, many people inside the company said it couldn’t be done, it wouldn’t work, and I was too young to understand the true complexities of enterprise servers. So many naysayers.

I was very fortunate to have a chain of courageous managers willing to give me and the project a shot. It ended up being incredibly successful, and I was honored to be awarded with eight patents along the way.

Ever since that pivotal moment on my patio, I knew that I wanted to build projects, teams, and companies that could do amazing things for the world.

Below is a collection of articles detailing my learnings. I made pretty much every mistake possible and for many years was a terrible leader. Hopefully some of this information can help others not succumb to the same pitfalls.

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