Commercializing Your IP

Ever heard of the Entrepreneurs Forum or the American Society of Inventors? I hadn’t until recently, when I spoke on a panel session at their monthly meeting held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Both are terrific organizations.

Our panel’s topic: Commercializing Your Intellectual Property. The session was moderated by Frank Taney of Buchanan Ingersoll (friend, and now famous lawyer for his unusual Second Life prosecution case). I was joined on the panel by Adam Rosen (CEO of k-Technology Corp) and Marilyn Montross (VP at QVC).

So, how do you commercialize your IP, and what are some of the tips of the trade, so-to-speak? Below are a few of my talking points from last night’s engaging session.

Important factors to consider:

Lessons learned (the hard way):

Resources that might help:

Closing thoughts:

The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.”

Baron Rothschild

Well, there’s plenty of blood out there [2009 recession]. Use this opportunity to make your mark.

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