Team Productivity for Impact Workshop

The reason many team productivity initiatives don’t work is that they focus solely on the dynamics of individual performance – things like reducing distraction, balancing time and energy, effectively managing tasks through a steady stream of inputs like email and slack, and so on. And while improving individual performance is helpful, it’s only one small piece of the team productivity puzzle.

World class teams embrace a core set of operating principles that allow them to consistently outperform their counterparts. These principles drive each decision they make, how they interact with one another – both in group meetings and one-on-one encounters, and how they embrace and work through creative tension. Most importantly, these principles lead not only to greatly improved individual contribution but to remarkable achievement of stretch team goals.

Leveraging the Team Productivity for Impact™ model, organizations master the habits of working seamlessly around shared objectives to create extraordinary impact.

This interactive, half-day productivity workshop will help your team understand and immediately implement the TPFI framework into their organization.

For busy teams who are looking to move beyond the status-quo, increase productivity, and consistently hit key performance metrics this workshop will provide the path.

I look forward to helping you cultivate a world class team.

About TPFI

I developed this model after decades of working in teams, leading teams, and serving on boards of companies comprised of very effective teams. I’ve experienced both well-run and poorly-run teams and compiled all those lessons learned into what I call the Team Productivity for Impact™ model.

The model has three main components: Principles, People, and Practices.


This is the foundation of well-organized teams – a core ethos aligned with the mission of the company. For the best teams, there is little buzz speak. Key to success in this area is that everyone understands, buys in, and lives the key company WHY in all their activities.


There is nothing that is more important – or more difficult – than getting the people and the culture right. Key to success in this area is having solid management defining the right outcomes, focused on the right strengths, and creating the best individual fit – all within a foundation of psychological safety for each team member.


Having a framework for focusing on and consistently getting the right things done within an environment of creative tension and clear processes for resolving disagreements is what sets the best teams apart from the rest.

What You’ll Learn

In this class you will learn:

  • How to capture and live your organization’s principles
  • Assessing and building the strength of your workforce
  • How to build trust amongst your team
  • How to create psychological safety
  • How to foster and manage creative tension for healthy debate
  • How to move beyond to-do lists to getting the RIGHT things done
  • How to create and track your critical performance indicators
  • How best to utilize feedback and rewards

Companies who learn how to get these components right achieve far more than their peers. They also report much greater job satisfaction scores.

If you’d like to learn more about considering TPFI for your organization, reach out and let’s talk.

    Team Productivity for Impact

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