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Chasing Grace

The Chasing Grace Project is a six-part documentary series sponsored by Comcast NBCUniversal showcasing women in tech and the tragic lack of gender-equity. In Episode 2: Progress & the Power of Community, Anthony shares a poignant story about an investor meeting where his female co-founder was marginalized – and what he learned.


Authority Magazine

Anthony shares his leadership lessons, mistakes learned, and the stumbles he made while building various organizations and companies. He also details five keys to developing grit.


MTV News

“These issues of sexual assault against women and harassment shouldn’t be called ‘women’s issues’ – they’re societal issues and need to be addressed at their root causes,” Anthony Gold, co-founder ROAR for Good.


Philadelphia Magazine

After one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in Philly history, Anthony Gold and Yasmine Mustafa share their advice and lessons learned.



CNBC’s On The Money program with ROAR co-founders Yasmine Mustafa and Anthony Gold discussing their Athena personal safety device.


Capturing Lightning

“When are we successful? We’re successful when women on average earn the same as men. We’re successful when equity for all genders and races is the norm. We’re successful when there’s no such thing as harassment in the workplace.” -Anthony Gold


WOAR – Bridge of Courage

Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR) not only provides specialized treatment services but is a huge advocacy group for the rights and survivors of sexual assault. “It’s an incredible honor being a WOAR Bridge of Courage award recipient.” -Anthony Gold


The Odyssey

ROAR for Good co-founder Anthony Gold talks sexual assault prevention and social impact entrepreneurship.


Network World

After building the Open Source business at Unisys, Anthony was recognized as one of the top leaders in open source business.


CIO Magazine

Anthony takes over as President of the Open Solutions Alliance, the industry non-profit organization focused on bringing open source solutions into the enterprise.


Information Week

Anthony joins a group of technology luminaries in penning an open letter to President Obama, urging him to mandate consideration of open source software as part of the government’s technology acquisition process.


OpenSource Magazine

Article by Anthony Gold, VP & GM of the Unisys Open Source Business, discussing Forrester research into the adoption and usage of open source software at the most mission-critical layers of business.


Guinness Book of World Records

As VP and GM of hardware engineering at Unisys, Anthony Gold and his team architected the ES7000 enterprise server – the first computer to run with 32 Intel processors. The server achieved the highest number of players ever recorded on a single game server – and was awarded entry into the prestigious Guinness record book.

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